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Brow pasta Glossy Gold

Brow pasta Glossy Gold

Brow pasta Glossy Gold

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Glossy Gold eyebrow paste.

The Glossy Gold premium paste formula has been designed for special occasions and special clients. If you want to present your work at the highest level, choose products that guarantee success.


The Glossy Gold Brow Series has the full range of benefits of classic white eyebrow coloring paste:

guarantees a perfect contour that does not spread or smudge during work;

protects the skin against dyes bordering on the coloring line.

It allows you to design the right eyebrows that the client can see at the initial stage of the procedure;

It has a beneficial effect on the skin, combining protective properties with active care properties.

The unique properties of Glossy Gold paste are provided by mineral pigments, created in combination with natural oils. The luxurious golden paste looks great in the Portfolio photos, exemplary presentation at fairs, exhibitions and when working with clients who choose the best for themselves.


In addition to the visual effect, golden eyebrow paste nourishes the skin during application

 Eyebrow paste GG with gold particles has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, thanks to which the oils form on the skin a "cosmetic umbrella" in which the active substance settles on one area of ​​the skin, saturating the most valuable micronutrients also around the procedure.

Volume 30 ml.

With regular use, it lasts for about 6 months

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