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Inlei® One / One1 - silicone forms

Inlei® One / One1 - silicone forms

Inlei® One / One1 - silicone forms

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Forms One S M L XL - "Perfect curving"
Forms One 1 S M L XL - "Natural curving"

InLei® silicone molds are designed and manufactured in Italy 100% high quality PLATINICO silicone, which is antiallergic, delicate and soft. Available in 8 types. Through special tests, trials and comparisons, we have managed to create the only and unique tool that allows you to satisfy the most demanding stylists.
InLei® molds are non-deforming, durable, soft, gentle to the eye. The form completely adapts to the client's eye, does not cause discomfort, does not burden or irritate.

The only one of its kind due to the possibility of multiple use and the possibility of autoclaving.

They should be discarded and replaced with others only when they become completely dark, which happens due to the use of henna. One form is enough for about 15 uses, it is recommended to wash them thoroughly with soap immediately after use. Thus ensuring their long life. To disinfect them correctly, it is recommended to use InLei® "F PLUS", a hygiene product created specifically for InLei®

Price for 1 pair - collective packaging shown in the picture contains 6 pairs of forms.
If any size is not displayed for selection, it means that it is temporarily unavailable.

Available sizes:
S1 M1 L1 XL1

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