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Rarity Brown Lashes (20 strips)

Rarity Brown Lashes (20 strips)

Rarity Brown Lashes (20 strips)

  • Product Code : Rarity Brown Lashes (20 Pasków)
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Rarity Rainbow lashes

An amazing palette of brown colors consisting of 7 different colors:

Blondie 3x

Russet 3x

Light Brown 4x

Chestnut 2x

Dark Brown 4x

Black Brown 3x

20 strips in total.

Rarity Brown Lashes is a definite "Must Have" in the trunk of each eyelash.

Available in variant C, 6-12mm

"Created by professionals for professionals, thanks to them you will love eyelash styles again!"

Monika Mroczka

* If any length is not displayed for selection, it means that it is temporarily unavailable. You can call us and ask when the states will be replenished.

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