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Tweezer Nikk Mole

Tweezer Nikk Mole

Tweezer Nikk Mole

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Eyebrow tweezers remain the most popular way of working around the eye.

That's why you can buy tweezers for home use in any drugstore - this is an indispensable part of a ladies' cosmetology! Eyebrow stylist and eyelash stylist prefer working with specialized tools that have improved performance characteristics and a higher quality of production.

Tweezers NIKK MOLE eyebrows are made of high quality steel with matt varnish and have an ergonomic shape with wide notches in the middle (for a comfortable tweezer grip). The work surfaces are sharpened by hand, which guarantees the ability to capture even small hairs that can only be viewed with a lamp and a magnifying glass.

Our anatomical tweezers are engraved by NIKK MOLE, because the design and configuration of the instrument are fully developed based on our professional preferences and wishes. The products we have created for ourselves will become the best assistant for you at work.

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