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Brow Filler

Eyebrow lamination workshop

Training program:

Theoretical part

Discussion of the principles of the procedure and its purpose.

Determining the indications and contraindications for surgery.

Technique of correctly arranging hairs.

Health and safety of eyebrow stylist at eyebrow lamination.

Completing eyebrow stylist's chest, using the right products for the job.

Eyebrow lamination without using glue.

Treatment procedure specifying the appropriate performance techniques.

Correct eyebrow coloring using gel paints.

Practical part

Show model:

- position preparation

- preparing the model

- color selection

- the instructor performs the entire Eyebrow Laminating procedure


- independent work of the student under the guidance of an instructor

900 PLN
* price for group training, the group has a maximum of 5 students
* price: PLN 700 for participation in the training combined with the "Brow Philosophy" training

The training price includes

- certificates in two languages (PL + ENG)

- products used during exercises

- snacks and drinks during training

- adding to a closed group of students on Facebook, where students can ask the trainer and already working stylists for tips on eyelash styling, and learn about upcoming industry events.