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MAGNI eyelash glue 5ml

MAGNI eyelash glue 5ml

MAGNI eyelash glue 5ml

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Eyelash glue you've been waiting for! Thanks to the innovative formula, it works in all conditions. Perfect for any type of eye - vapor-free!

Magni is a sensational new generation eyelash glue:

- mega fast 0.5-1 second

- durable - up to 12 weeks

- vapor-free - suitable for sensitive eyes

- conditions: 30-75% humidity, temperature 20-30 ° C

- it dries slowly on the stone, you can work much longer with one drop

It is jet black but does not contain Carbon Black!

Pour it directly onto a stone, slide or ceramic tile.

Do not use with tapes, stickers, or plastic!

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