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Speed up 15ml

Speed up 15ml

Speed up 15ml

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  • Product Code : Przyspieszacz do kleju 15ml
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Advanced preparation of eyelash stylists working with volume methods. This preparation will work in volume methods, where gluing synthetic eyelashes consists in first forming a tuft and then placing a few eyelashes on the natural eyelash, so that the tuft is stable, does not crumble or slip, an accelerator comes to the rescue. It is a product that ensures an appropriate alkaline pH on synthetic eyelashes. Its main task is to accelerate the adhesive polymerization process.

The accelerator can be used on false eyelashes. It is recommended to use the accelerator not more than once every 30 minutes. The use of the accelerator will ensure that we get the right joint, affecting the durability of the application.


  • Specification

  •  contains a mixture of alcohols, thanks to which we obtain an alkaline pH

  • capacity 15ml

  • expiry date: ^ months after opening

  • Made in Korea, compliant with EU certificates

  • Mint accelerator is dedicated to large volumes, has a stronger alkaline pH or for stylists who work quickly

  • Usage method

  • use on synthetic eyelashes, only on the roots of these eyelashes.

  • apply in small amounts, preferably with a drained microbrusher or velor.

  • then wipe the strips of synthetic eyelashes as little as possible, repeat the movement no more than every 30 minutes.

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