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Henna EkkoBeauty 1 psc.

Henna EkkoBeauty 1 psc.

Henna EkkoBeauty 1 psc.

  • Product Code : Henna pudrowa EkkoBeauty 1 szt. (różne kolory)
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Available colors: Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Golden Brown, Chocolate, Foxy, Graphite

If any color is not displayed for selection, it means that it is temporarily unavailable.

Innovation in the coloring of eyebrows!

Hair coloring and curvature in one treatment - is it possible?

Yes, if you use a pigment created in the most friendly for a real beauty laboratory - in nature. Ekohenna is the unconditional triumph of natural ingredients in the cosmetics industry.

A real Henna from Morocco for perfect eyebrows for longer !!!

The unique composition and the highest ecological compatibility create a first-class tandem that has many advantages:

- long-lasting and resistant color

- immediate effect of beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows

- nourishes and protects every hair

- stimulates the growth of new hair (over time - a natural, transparent line of eyebrows)

- hypoallergenic and safe for health

- harmless to the environment, including the atmosphere


The makeup artists say that the eyebrows form the face. This is true, because even in the absence of makeup, the face with well-defined graphic eyebrows will look fresh and fresh.

In addition, when the effect of dyeing the salon lasts up to several weeks.


Shade Black (black) is the coldest and saturated in the composition. It is recommended for blondes with a distinct cold type of beauty and burning brunettes. Black henna color is indispensable when working on fashionable shades of graphite while coloring eyebrows. Perfectly mixed up with the remaining tones to give interesting depth to the final color.


The universal shade Brown (natural brown) is intended for girls of any appearance, dark blondes and brunettes. Ideal for forming a bright look with expressive eyebrows. Depending on the degree of dilution of henna Brown before coloring, you can change the final result: to the liquid state - light brown to semi-dense - the color is clear brown, to a dense condition - the color is chocolate.

Dark Brown:

The DARK BROWN (dark brown) shade is ideal for dark, dark-eyed and dark-haired girls. Usually recommended to brunettes, because it looks natural on the face. Depending on the density of the dilution and the time of total exposure to eyebrows, it gives a good palette of shades. The dye henna Dye Brown fits perfectly with other colors of the Henna EKOBOBEAUTY collection to get the best results on your hair and skin.

Golden Brown:

Golden Brown tint (golden brown) is designed for women with dark or tanned skin, for girls who prefer natural make-up and tonal creams in warm colors. Considering the exposure period and the density of the coloring mixture, the Golden Brown henna color fits perfectly with strawberry blond by blonde and brown-haired women. Depending on the technology, tinting may vary from golden caramel to a distinctive brown. After blending with other shades, the resulting mixture gives warm shades in color.


Henna for brows in a graphite shade from EKKOBEAUTY. The universal graphite shade (light gray) is intended for women with light hair.


Henna for eyebrows in shade RED from EKKOBEAUTY Perfect for coloring eyebrows of fiery "Red" women. Mixing it with other shades of henna, we get a warm shade of color.

• in the consistency of milk - amber with a transparent effect of dyeing on the skin

• in the consistency of the sauce - a shade of marmalade with a moderate staining effect on the skin

• in the consistency of thick cream - brown with a tattoo effect on the skin

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