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InLei® "BAROLO" - deep bowl

InLei® "BAROLO" - deep bowl

InLei® "BAROLO" - deep bowl

  • Product Code : InLei® ”BAROLO” – miseczka głęboka
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InLei® Barolo bowl is used to comfortably hold the amount of water needed during the procedure or the right amount of F PLUS disinfectant. The bowl has a double bottom with a narrower part and a wider part. The wider indicates the water level, while the narrow part is intended for tool hygiene. Being all our small tools (forms, brush tips, brushes), we thought about creating a container with the right dimensions to conveniently store and disinfect accessories. Handy cup made of Italian high quality plastic, and specially designed for our work.

This cup is very handy to put in your water during your lash filler or brow bomber treatments. Can also be used to disinfect your tools with the Inlei disinfection. Also ideal to use to clean your products with the InLei disinfection line. Equipped with reliefs suitable for effective cleaning of the brushes and provided with grooves to carry a brush or brush.

A comfortable bowl made of high quality plastic, designed especially for the convenience of our work.

Made in: Italy


  • 50mm high
  • 52mm narrow day diameter
  • Wide day diameter 96mm

Product description:

  • Equipped with grooves to support the brush.
  • Equipped with special pads for effective brush cleaning.

Contains: 1 piece

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